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I have always been passionate about creating beautiful and aromatic candles, but never imagined turning my hobby into a business. Frustrated with the corporate world and determined to be my own boss, I decided to take the leap and start Windy City Scents LLC.

As a black woman, I wanted to create a brand that not only produced high-quality candles, but also celebrated and uplifted marginalized communities. I drew inspiration from my hometown of Chicago, infusing my candles with the vibrant and diverse culture of the Windy City.

I hand-pour each candle with the utmost care and attention to detail, using only the finest natural ingredients and essential oils. From the warm and cozy scents of our "Mahogany" candle, to the nostalgic and sophisticated notes of our "Hyde Park" candle, each creation tells a unique and meaningful story.

Windy City Scents LLC is more than just a candle company – it's a celebration of creativity, diversity, and resilience. I am proud to be a black woman-owned business, and I am dedicated to bringing joy and relaxation to homes all across the country.

Join me on this journey as I curate scents for your aromatic experience.